Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Personal Changes

Just thinking like a crazy person in my spare time, I love change and chances, changing my outfit, the way I look, changing my wardrobe, places and so on. For me, change is a positive thing and littles proof to know and understand how intelligent and catcher are we? To take advantage over the chances life gives to us.

But the changes are not always as we expect. In recent month, there have been a few changes in my life, emotional changes and changes in my daily routine. These events happened at a time when I could not have predicted them. Fortunately, I am a positive person and my patience is unlimited, and I can adapt my thoughts and the way I perceive reality, yeahhh, the reality of my life...

I have clear views on change. The change in a person’s life is a constant, in fact linked, after we are born, we grow and then we need to accept real life and learn what is right and wrong, we choose different paths, meanwhile life and change are belong to each other. During bad times, you have to have a positive attitude. Never forget: Bad times soon forgotten like water passing under the bridge.

Analysing the things happening in our lives, I think intelligence and being able to adapt are priceless. Do not waste your time thinking about little things, care about life’s real value. My mantra to conclude is not to get stressed by difficulties difficult, I hate trying to take control when my coexistence might suffer or be damaged.

To sum up, life is the best knowledge and offers new chances. Take the opportunities you are given and do not let them pass. Good things only come once!