Monday, 30 June 2014

I Encuentro de Bloggers&Trendsetters by Revista Telva. Event!

¿Qué me pongo?
What to wear for a Fashion Event...

 Baltarini Stilettos, Furla Mini Bag, Custom Made LWD

Os ha pasado de saber que poneros siempre y de repente te llega la confirmación a un evento y dices: sos y ahora que me pongo?

A mi si! estaba encantada de acudir a las mesas redondas organizadas dentro del marco que reunió a talentosas bloggers, y a profesionales del sector, gracias por la gran organización y por la agradable jornada.

Finalmente opté por un little white dress, hecho a medida de corte ladylike.

Me dio mucho gusto conocer a bloggers experta que triunfan con sus blogs allende los mares! Paula Ordovás de mypeeptoes, lovelypepa, la estilista y blogger Ana Antic, la modelo Alba Carrillo.

Last Friday took place in Madrid the 1st Bloggers&Trendsetters Meeting settle in an amazing Palace! Thanks to Telva Magazine for the great speakers sharing theirs know how to all the attendants.

It was a trendy and beautiful people event and not in a matter of superficiality, also in inner beauty! Once I received the confirmation I had something running into my head... 

What to wear?

I clearly had in mind a plain and sophisticated outfit, I voted for LWD (little white dress) ladylike style, custom made!

Hope you like the pics as much as I did enjoy the event!

 Have a wonderful week!

Details of my Jewelry. Certina Watch, Vintage Necklace and Aquamarine Ring
An Event to dream with
Model Alba Carrillo, Telva Community & Stylist Ana Antic
While going up!
 With the founder of Lamatte

With the international blogger Alexandra Pereira. lovelypepa
With the Blogger Paula Ordovás. mypeeptoes

 I was really happy with the new Bayleys Chocolat Luxe
 Trends to make notes. Blogger Yolanda Margallo

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